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Connor Stalions Reopens Instagram Account To Continue His Victory Lap By Mocking Ohio State

Connor Stalions Ohio State Troll

Connor Stalions did not finish the 2023/24 college football season as a member of the University of Michigan staff. However, based on what we know so far, he was a crucial piece to the national championship puzzle.

The former Wolverines analyst was at the center of a nationwide sign-stealing scandal that sent shockwaves across the sport.

He was cast as the villain and stepped down from his post— presumably with some encouragement from the brass at Michigan.

Stalions went private on social media shortly after his impropriety became public. He would often purchase tickets to games of future opponents and pay folks to film signals from the stands, when he wasn’t undercover on the sideline to steal the signals himself, and translate those calls for Michigan coaches during games. Allegedly. Jim Harbaugh served a suspension because of the ongoings so there was obviously some illegal activity going on.

At this point, Connor Stalions doesn’t care. His team won a national championship!

Connor Stalions is a savage!

Shortly after turning his Instagram profile back to public, Stalions posted a photo on Sunday night. He was perched outside of Ohio State’s football stadium with his victory roses from Pasadena and his national champs hat.

Stalions has had no choice but to embrace his role in the controversy. His name will forever be associated with the sign-stealing scandal involving the Michigan Wolverines.

However, to go out of his way to chirp the school’s most bitter rivals after being implicated as one of the biggest outlaws in sports is downright savage.

Although he was considered to be a problematic figure in college football history, the folks in Ann Arbor have embraced him as a lionheart. They celebrated his role in the success of their program during the national title game by purchasing him multiple buckets of beer. Former Wolverines standout Chase Winovich invited him to sit front row at the Rose Bowl for the CFP semifinal game against Alabama.

Now, after reaching the mountaintop, Stalions is taking a victory outside of the Horseshoe. Savage!

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