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Beyonce’s Cryptic Super Bowl Commercial Teases Potential Residency At The Sphere In Las Vegas

Beyonce The Sphere

Is Beyonce going to hold residency at the Sphere in Las Vegas later this year? We don’t know for sure.

However, all of the signs seem to indicate that it might be on the calendar for the latter half of 2024!

Let’s break it down.

It was first reported back in November that James Dolan, CEO of Sphere Entertainment, had been in touch with Queen Bey about his brand new venue. Both her mom/manager Tina Knowles and husband Shawn Carter have toured the $2.3 billion venue. They did so separately on two different occasions, which means that the interest must be pretty serious.

Fast forward three months. Verizon paid big money to advertise on the Sphere throughout Super Bowl week. It also paid Beyonce to appear in its new mid-game commercial and break the internet.

Both literally and figuratively!

The 90-second spot not only promoted the world’s largest 5G network. It also teased the release a new album, Act II, that will come out on March 29.

Beyonce dropped the first two singles shortly after the commercial aired. Both official visualizers and the songs themselves will eclipse one million views on YouTube well within the 24-hour mark.

TEXAS HOLD ‘EM is very country.

16 CARRIAGES also carries a heavy Western sound.

Between the first two singles, the Act II trailer, and Beyonce’s cowboy hat at the Grammys — it is safe to say that it will be a country music album. At the very least, country-adjacent.

Beyonce Act II Country

What does this release have to do with the Sphere?! It doesn’t really.

But one particular part of her Super Bowl commercial might. She was on the Sphere.

To claim that Beyonce is going to take over residency at the Sphere because of one six-second clip would be a stretch. Unless it isn’t!

Dolan said that “pretty much [the Sphere’s] calendar is full for this calendar year” on the most recent earnings call. Nothing is confirmed after Dead & Company’s run ends on July 13.

Beyonce is coming off of a world tour. Her new album will be released in March.

It would make a lot of sense if she didn’t want to go back out on the road and chose to hold a residency at the Sphere in Las Vegas instead of touring for the second time in 18/24 months. Especially six months after the album drop— which would line up for September.

Beyonce at the Sphere would be awesome. Let’s hope the signs are right!

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