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Bet $5 On Hornets vs Pistons & Get $200 In Bonus Bets!

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Well, the Hornets aren’t the most amazing team on the planet, but they are better than the Pistons.

I mean, come on, this is a Pistons team that went on an all-time historically bad run to start the season. So badly so that even Kyle Kuzma was out here tweeting about not losing to the Pistons. (Which is extra funny considering the Wizards are just as bad as the Pistons record-wise). I’m gonna ride with the team that hasn’t been trash-talked by Wizards players in this one.

The Detroit Pistons are terrible. There isn’t a way around saying that unfortunately. They only recently reached their tenth win across the entire season. At this point, it almost feels kinda sad, so let’s talk about a few good things Detroit has going for them. How about Cade Cunningham? If there was ever a player who deserved to be freed from a team that is doing nothing but spiraling it is him. He’s averaging a near-double-double in points and assists this year on a ten-win team. Poor guy, hopefully, he can find a trade destination soon.

The Hornets, while being a little lackluster this season have at least a little bit more to hang their hats on. Brandon Miller has been easing himself into the NBA and has been starting to show some of the flashes that got him that second-overall price tag. Miles Bridges has also been a beast in the paint averaging close to his own double-double in points and rebounds. He’s also known to create a few posters from time to time. This Hornets team has more energy and desire than the Pistons, I like their odds.

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