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Dallas Cowboys Fans Are Finally Realizing It’s All Jerry Jones’ Fault

The Dallas Cowboys crashed out of the NFL playoffs on Sunday in embarrassing fashion.


It’s a yearly tradition at this point and this year’s loss ensured that Dallas will go at least 30 years between NFC Championship Game appearances. This time, Cowboys fans appear to have finally realized that the common denominator is team owner Jerry Jones.

Jones made the head-scratching move to bring back head coach Mike McCarthy for the 2024 season on Wednesday.

It’s a move that everyone should have seen coming. After all, Jones stuck with Jason Garrett for nine years despite Garrett never advancing out of the division round. Garrett has not been an NFL head coach since.

McCarthy’s regular season record is impressive. But he’s routinely failed in the playoffs despite spending the majority of his career with four-time NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers at his disposal.

But bringing McCarthy back is the easy choice for Jones. He has one year remaining on his contract. Jones doesn’t have to pay a buyout. He doesn’t have to do a head coaching search or risk clashing with a head coach with any sort of back bone.

Which is why FOX Sports personality David Helman, who used to work for the Cowboys organization, says he’s not surprised by the move.

“It’s not a huge shock to me because I never in a million years thought Jerry would give the time of day to an unproven assistant like Ben Johnson or Mike Macdonald. Can we criticize him for that attitude? Absolutely, but I never thought he’d go for that,” Helman

. “I also think Jim Harbaugh & Bill Belichick would freak the hell out about the amount of extra input and distraction that comes with the Dallas Cowboys. That probably goes for Mike Vrabel (who I’d have been pumped about), as well.”

That’s the thing about Jones.

Does he want to win? Sure.

But does he want to win so much so that he’s willing to be uncomfortable? Or willing to cede control?

Of course not.

Which is why he fired Jimmy Johnson in the 90s. It’s why he hired and kept on Garrett. And it’s why he’s willing to cling to McCarthy, a rather passive personality who won’t upset the apple cart.

Jerry Jones would be happy to win a Super Bowl. But he’s equally happy to sell tickets and increase the team’s brand value, even if the on-field success never comes.

And Cowboys fans, after decades, are finally catching on to his game.

Will that change anything? Probably not. The Cowboys have enough fans that they can stand to spare a few thousand. And who knows how many will actually follow through.’

But those who stay on board should probably expect more of the same so long as Jerry Jones is running the show.


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