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Cody Rhodes Curses Up A Storm While Ripping The Rock Despite WWE Memo To Keep Things PG

Is the WWE Attitude era officially back?

For the past several years, the WWE has avoided foul language in broadcasts in an attempt to appeal to children.

Over the weekend, the WWE reportedly sent out a memo to wrestlers to remind them to keep things PG on social media and during broadcasts despite The Rock’s recently uncensored promos.

Via Aaron Varble/ SECOOOPS

“I can exclusively report that a recent memo emphasized the need for talent to follow PG guidelines on TV and social media. Despite this, The Rock’s profanity, like in a recent promo, has raised questions among talent about double standards. They wonder why he’s allowed to curse while others aren’t.”

It seems like Cody Rhodes ignored the memo because he went on his own profanity-laced rant on Monday Night Raw while ripping The Rock ahead of WrestleMania.

“What happens, Rock, when the bell rings? Are you going to be the hero that I had growing up? Are you going to have all that big Dwyane energy, or is it just going to be LDS, little d— syndrome?”

“Rock, you’re also a terrible salesman, a carny succubus, and for those that don’t know what it means, you’re a whiny little b—-”

“Rock, I don’t think you’re a heel; I think you’re an a-hole.”

Here’s Rhodes’ WWE Monday Raw promo in its entirety.

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