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UConn Basketball Coach Dan Hurley Goes Ballistic On Officials During Angry Tirade Over Clear Foul

Dan Hurley Tirade Tantrum Melt Down Angry

Dan Hurley is one of the most animated personalities in college basketball. The 51-year-old (reigning national champion) head coach at UConn is never going to keep his feelings a secret.

If something brings him joy, he will let you know with his excitable antics on the sideline. If something makes him angry, he will make his frustrations explicitly clear to whomever is responsible.

It was the latter on Sunday afternoon.

The Huskies were in Hartford for a Big East conference matchup. Georgetown pulled up from beyond the arc as time ticked down on the first half. An airball missed badly.

However, a foul was called on the shot and the Hoyas went to the line to shoot three free throws. There is an argument to be made that the contact by UConn did not impede the shooting motion because the ball had already left the shooter’s hand. But it certainly seemed to be the correct call.

Hurley did not agree with the decision, to say the least. He went full psycho mode and could be seen yelling “NO F—— WAY!” with furrowed brow.

The head coach was relatively calm (very relative) at first and sat down on the bench. That didn’t last long. Hurley swiftly stood to his feet and proceeded to go ballistic.

Everybody loves a good Dan Hurley tirade. This is actually one of his more tame blowups. Par for the course.

The best part about the entire freakout is the score. His team was in control of the game at the time of the foul for which he disagreed. Three free points to end the half is not ideal and nobody wants to send the opponents to the line for no reason.

Still… There wasn’t a lot of debate to be had about the foul!

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