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Deion Sanders Dropped A New Rap Song And It’s Surprisingly Not Awful

Rappers want to be ballers. Ballers want to be rappers. It’s a tale as old as time.

Usually, it turns out poorly for both sides when they try to switch lanes.

But for Deion Sanders, that’s not the case. He recently released a new rap song with artist Yella Beezy entitled “Must Be The Money Pt. 2.”

And unlike his initial song, “Must Be The Money,” from 1994, this one is actually pretty good!

Deion Sanders Drops Bars On Surprisingly Good New Rap Song

A new video from the Well Off Media YouTube page shows Sanders in the studio listening to what seems like the final mix of the song and rapping along when his verse plays.

“Y’all done know I never left,” Coach Prime begins rapping. “Never ‘preciated, underrated, but the best (yes). Nine across my chest so they’re impressed. No, I don’t stress, ’cause you know I’m stayin’ blessed. I’m comin’ baby. Now I told you. Now I came. The lights don’t blind me, see I’m used to the fame. Prime been Prime. I’m before my time. Seven-figure hitter way back to ’89.

“The fame been good to me. The hood been good to me. God been good to me. Time for you to see. The weight of the people weigh heavy on my shoulders. Gave the ‘Sip the blueprint then moved the family to Boulder.”

The last line, of course, is alludes to Sanders’s time at Jackson State in Mississippi before moving to Colorado (Boulder).’

Now, usually when athletes crossover into music the result is an absolute disaster.

Looking at you, Darren Waller.

But Prime’s verse wasn’t bad. Honestly, parts of it were even good!

Did he write his own bars? Probably not! Will it help Colorado recruit any better or win games? Absolutely not!

Do I care? Not at all.

Deion probably shouldn’t pursue a rap career. But my man is just out here living his best life, regardless of whether other people like it or not.


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