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Adrien Broner Loses Tooth & Fractures Elbow During Loss, Claims He Got Robbed By Judges

Former boxing champ Adrien Broner believes he got robbed by the judges during his latest fight. On Friday night, Broner faced off against Blair Cobbs and faced some early adversity. In the second round of their fight, Cobbs caught Broner with a nasty left hand. OH NO, ADRIEN BRONER GETS

Extremely Uncomfortable Golf Interview Leads To Funny Photo With Legendary QB Vince Young

Everette Sands is one of the greatest college football players the history of The Citadel and currently serves as an offensive skills analyst with his alma mater. He is not Vince Young, despite what golf reporter Lauren Withrow thought at the BMW Pro-Am earlier this weekend. The hilariously awkward

Cam Newton Gives Caitlin Clark Brutally Honest Advice About Dealing With Physical WNBA Play

Former NFL MVP Cam Newton is chiming in on the Caitlin Clark controversy. For the past few weeks, Clark has had to deal with physical play in the WNBA. While many people have come out to defend Clark, Newton doesn’t think she should be babied in the WNBA. “Why are we actin’ as if she’s

Insanely Jacked Syracuse Football Recruit With Massive Biceps Looks Like He Was Built In A Lab

Antoine Deslauriers is committed to Syracuse in the college football recruiting Class of 2020. The future Orange linebacker is extremely jacked with biceps so big that that he looks like a create-a-player in a video game. You would think that he was built in a lab! Deslauriers, hailing from

Glen Powell Tells Crazy Story About Friend Almost Getting Eaten By Cannibal On Date

Glen Powell‘s sister’s friend was almost eaten by a cannibal after going on a date with him. Need to read that again? Yeah, we understand. Powell is one of Hollywood’s fastest-rising stars. He burst onto the scene in Top Gun: Maverick and then solidified his spot as an A-Lister in Anyone But

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