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Did A Petty Tom Brady Get Nick Foles’ Name Edited Out Of ‘The Dynasty’ Documentary?

Tom Brady and Nick Foles
Tom Brady and Nick Foles

Tom Brady was known for his ability to hold a grudge during his time in the NFL, and it seems like there’s a chance he’s still clinging onto his beef with Nick Foles based on an interesting editing choice in the Patriots documentary The Dynasty.

It’s been more than six years since the New England Patriots suffered an upset at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII, a game where Tom Brady was deprived of his sixth Super Bowl ring in the 41-33 loss (although he’d earn it the following year with a win over the Rams).

Nick Foles was rightfully named the game’s Most Valuable Player after throwing for 373 yards and tossing three touchdowns in addition to the one he caught himself when the Eagles pulled off the “Philly Special” to catch the Patriots’ defense off-guard in the final minute of the second quarter and take a 22-12 lead into halftime.

Brady caught some heat after the game when people noticed he declined to shake hands with Foles, and he didn’t do much to dispel the notion he was a sore loser when he snubbed the quarterback yet again when the Buccaneers lost to the Bears in 2020 (he had the chance to downplay the supposed feud, but his non-answer left a bit to be desired).

Brady and the rest of the Patriots who sat down for the documentary series The Dynasty got the chance to reflect on their loss in Super Bowl LII in an episode that features Al Michaels calling the trick play that helped make Foles a legend in Philadelphia.

However, at least one astute viewer noticed a minor but significant tweak to the call in question, as Foles’ name was conspicuously edited out of the clip.

It’s a strange decision, as it took more work to remove Foles’ name than it would have to leave the highlight unaltered, and the fact that Trey Burton’s name was very clearly uttered makes it seem like the QB was specifically targeted.

Why? Well, there’s no way to know for sure, but it’s kind of hard to ignore Brady’s history with Foles.

He isn’t credited as a producer on The Dynasty, but when you consider Michael Jordan had a list of stipulations linked to his involvement in The Last Dance, it’s safe to assume one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history also had a fair amount of sway when it came to the final product.

Again, there’s no way to prove the omission can be traced back to Brady, but I have a hard time thinking of a more plausible theory.

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