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Recent Statements From Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, Kirk Cousins And Aaron Rodgers Highlight Just How Bizarre Rodgers’ Career Currently Is

aaron rodgers and josh allen embracing
aaron rodgers and josh allen embracing

While NFL front offices might be hard at work signing free agent contracts and making trades, the players already employed by the 30 NFL franchises are currently enjoying their offseason.

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen, for example, was recently in Paris with his girlfriend, actress and pop star Hailee Steinfeld, and suffered from an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

josh allen ripped pants tweet
josh allen ripped pants tweet

Then there’s Kirk Cousins, who celebrated his new $100 million contract with the Atlanta Falcons by sharing a sweet photo alongside his wife and two children.

“Excited to be in Atlanta and become a part of this great organization. My boys and I are learning the Dirty Bird Dance ASAP. Rise Up!”

on March 13.

Baltimore Ravens franchise quarterback Lamar Jackson, on the other hand, seems to be enjoying a more laid-back offseason, as he took to Twitter to

what their favorite top five action and comedy movies of all time are. Perfectly wholesome stuff from this trio of NFL signal callers.

lamar jackson movies tweet
lamar jackson movies tweet

Finally, there’s New York Jets signal caller Aaron Rodgers, whose most recent tweet features a statement addressing reports of him not believing that the Sandy Hook shooting is real.

“As I’m on the record saying in the past, what happened in Sandy Hook was an absolute tragedy. I am not and have never been of the opinion that the events did not take place,” Rodgers t

on March 14.

“Again, I hope that we learn from this and other tragedies to identify the signs that will allow us to prevent unnecessary loss of life. My thoughts and prayers continue to remain with the families affected along with the entire Sandy Hook community.”

Rodgers’ tweet, especially when compared to those of his peers, succinctly highlights just how bizarre his career has become — he hasn’t completed an NFL pass since January 2023 –and how much the public perception of him has changed in recent years.

In addition to the Sandy Hook report, Rodgers’ claims about immigrants joining and turning on the United States Army and the government being the ones who created HIV have also made headlines.

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