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‘Game of Thrones’ Star Sean Bean Tossed From Bar By Bouncer For Vaping (Video)

actor sean bean in los angeles
actor sean bean in los angeles

Former Game of Thrones star Sean Bean, also known for his projects such as Lord of the Rings, GoldenEye, National Treasure, The Martian, and more, was caught on camera being thrown out of a bar in Liverpool for vaping.

Video shows Sean Bean, 65 years old, getting physical with a bouncer at the Tom Thumb cocktail bar on Hardman Street in Liverpool on Friday, May 31.

Bean, who is from Sheffield, England, is seen with his hands on a bouncer, who is also getting physical with the actor as he asks him to leave.

According to the Liverpool Echo — the city’s newspaper of record — however, Bean and the bouncer shook hands outside of the establishment, with the bar saying that the incident had been “blown out of proportion.”

This isn’t the first time that Bean has found himself in a bar room scuffle, as he was stabbed in a London bar fight back in 2012, just a year after Game of Thrones first premiered on HBO.

Bean, who was 52 at the time of the London incident, was reportedly punched in the face and stabbed in the arm with a broken bottle after a man — who made lewd comments about model April Summers, his then-girlfriend — attacked him.

Despite the attack, Bean chose not to go to the hospital and instead was treated with a first aid kit by the bar staff and ordered another drink.

Bean’s most recent projects are the Hulu/Disney+ series Shardlake, which premiered in May, and the 2023 Japanese fantasy film Knights of the Zodiac.

Oddly, Bean finds himself back in the news just as one of his most famous roles — Ned Stark of House Stark in Game of Thrones — is about to re-enter the public’s consciousness as season two of House of the Dragon, which premieres on June 16, will be introducing House Stark to the series.

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