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Kirk Herbstreit Continues Engaging With His FSU Haters Knowing He’ll Be On Hand For ‘Noles Opener

Kirk Herbstreit before a TNF matchup between the Commander and Bears.
Kirk Herbstreit before a TNF matchup between the Commander and Bears.

College football analyst Kirk Herbstreit continues to battle against angry Florida State fans on social media. Those ‘Noles still can’t let go the fact that Herbstreit lobbied against their inclusion in the College Football Playoff last season despite a spotless 13-0 record.

In the end, many believe there was an active agenda to hold FSU out of the championship race with Kirk Herbstreit said to have given a major push to that narrative. In the end, the Seminoles were on the outside looking in.

The argument against Florida State revolved around a season-ending injury to starting signal caller Jordan Travis. Without their passer in the lineup, most believed they stood no shot in competing for a national title.

Despite the setback, the Seminoles went 2-0 with Travis on the sidelines, knocking off rival Florida and Louisville to put a bow on a perfect regular season and ACC championship.

That wouldn’t be enough to convince the committee to give them the nod.

Alabama slipped into the No. 4 spot after winning the SEC title game against Georgia, pushing FSU to the Orange Bowl. With the CFP no longer in the picture, a number of ‘Noles opted out of what would be a 63-3 thrashing.

The decision to leave FSU out of the playoff started a domino effect that eventually led to an investigation by the attorney general and a lawsuit between the school and the ACC.

Kirk Herbstreit was the target of FSU vitriol

Given his opinion of the team without Jordan Travis in the lineup, as well as his ties to ESPN, Herbstreit drew immediate criticism. Florida State fans believed he used his status to influence others around college football.

Conspiracy theories began to grow and old clips from College GameDay started to surface.

While Herbstreit is adamant that his opinion hinged on Travis’s availability, previous segments from his pregame show actually show him planting this seed of an FSU omission prior to the quarterback’s injury.

The analyst has since been biting back at what he calls a “lunatic fringe” of the team’s supporters, engaging in back-and-forth banter with those critical of his opinion.

That’s only continued this offseason.

Herbstreit was seen arguing with Florida State fans online over the weekend. He’s done with the group that still won’t let his outlook on the ‘Noles go!

In a series of tweets Sunday morning, the college football personality went scorched earth on his haters.

“And yet another stellar FSU fan who follows ME but doesn’t care what I have to say. Appreciate you!”

For those who questioned his motives and believed he held a bias towards the SEC, he said the following:

“In what way am I a shill?? Seriously how exactly am I or anyone at ESPN at shill when we have as much if not more at stake with the ACC as the SEC? Such a clown narrative.”

College GameDay will be in Ireland for FSU’s season opener

What makes this all the more interesting is that Herbstreit will be on hand for the Seminoles’ season opener against Georgia Tech next August. Traveling to Dublin for the Aer Lingus College Football Classic, the entire College GameDay crew will make the trip.

Herbstreit continues to pounce on the Florida State fanbase knowing that he’ll be in attendance come Week 0, and he likely won’t get off the plane to the warmest of welcomes!

Still, he’s tried to empathize with the group as a whole, brushing his loudest critics off as being in the minority.

No matter how much he says he loves the ‘Noles, though, it’s fairly certain the ‘Noles won’t love him back come kickoff.

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