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Tom Brady’s Purchase Of Minority Stake Of Las Vegas Raiders Delayed Again

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

Seven-time Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady spent his first season of retirement from the NFL mostly out of the spotlight. That’s going to change in a big way this upcoming season, when he joins the FOX booth and possibly owns some of the Las Vegas Raiders.

But, over a year after his investment into the team primarily owned by Mark Davis was announced, it has not been ratified by the NFL owners yet.

And, it appears that it won’t be ratified at upcoming meetings, either.

There were some complicating factors as to why it wasn’t ratified last year. One of those factors is that owners couldn’t be sure that Tom Brady was retired for good. After all, I’m sure multiple teams reached out to the 46-year-old about possibly playing last season. And, you can’t own shares of a team and play in the NFL at the same time.

The odds of Tom Brady returning seem pretty slim at this point, so that’s out of the way. But, it still isn’t going to become official. Here’s Pro Football Talk with more.

The GOAT is having a month to remember. Or maybe to forget.

Regardless, May 2024 isn’t likely to bring closure to his lingering effort to purchase a chunk of the Las Vegas Raiders. According to Mark Maske of the Washington Post, it’s “doubtful” that a vote on the proposed transaction will be held at this week’s meetings in Nashville.

The deal was first struck in February 2023. Fifteen months later, the league still hasn’t voted on it.

It’s believed that the agreement as initially configured tied the equity transfer at least in part to employment. When the owners slammed the door last year on giving equity to employees — a rule change majority owner Mark Davis opposed in the meeting where it was discussed — the primary concern became the steep discount Brady would be getting.

Other concerns relate to Brady’s work with Fox as the network’s top game analyst. It’s a clear conflict of interest, since Brady will have a fiduciary duty to the Raiders and while also getting access to proprietary information regarding the team’s opponents and competitors. This isn’t about trusting him to keep his mouth shut; his status as an owner of the Raiders would compel him not to.

Those reasons do certainly make sense. I can’t imagine NFL fans being over the moon about a team owner calling games on national television, even if that person is Tom Brady. After he endured some vicious jokes at The Roast of Tom Brady earlier this month, this was not the news that Tom Brady wanted.

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