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James Dolan Teases New Residencies At The Sphere In Las Vegas For Full Calendar In 2024

The Sphere

The first-ever residency at the Sphere in Las Vegas is set to wrap up in less than a month. U2 will conclude its run at the world’s most viral venue on March 2.

From there, Phish will play four nights over 4/20 weekend. Dead & Company is then set to take over on May 16 and will play through June 22.

That leaves 143 days between the end of Bob Weir and John Mayer’s run and the end of the year.

According to James Dolan, CEO of Sphere Entertainment, the venue will not sit vacant. He teased additional residencies on an earnings call earlier this week and expects that 2025 will be fully booked as well.

Pretty much our calendar is full for this calendar year.

— James Dolan

There is no telling what that means. And there is no way to know whether it is ture.

Dolan could be blowing smoke.

What we do know is that Dana White vows to put on the greatest live sporting of all-time when the UFC holds a full card at the Sphere on Mexican Independence Day. That is one of the events already on the books.

Other theories for future residencies include Harry Styles, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Bon Jovi, Miley Cyrus and G-Dragon. Some of those artists have already been in talks with the venue. Maybe Dolan was referencing one of those agreements?

Regardless of who might take over after Dead & Co., if the most recent financial report is any indication, the Sphere is well on its way to longterm success.

Apparently, U2’s show is not very good. And yet, it’s still selling out every night.

Everybody wants to experience the massive LED screen for themselves and people are paying big money just to be in the building. If the Sphere is doing as well as it is with a band like U2, imagine the demand for someone like Styles or Cyrus.

Hopefully we get some more information in coming weeks!

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