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Virginia Lax Star Sparks Controversy With Savage Wave Goodbye To Opponent In The THIRD QUARTER

Connor Shellenberger Lacrosse Wave Goodbye

Sixth-ranked University of Virginia put a beatdown on Saint Joseph’s during the First Round of the 2024 college lacrosse playoffs. The Hoos advanced to the quarterfinals of the NCAA Tournament with a six-goal victory over the Hawks and will likely face Johns Hopkins.

Fifth-year captain Connor Shellenberger showed no mercy toward UVA’s opponent on Saturday!

The All-ACC attack scored on an absolute laser to put his team up 16-8 with about two minutes left in the third quarter. Shellenberger juked a St. Joseph’s defender out of his shoes, cut back to the inside, and let one rip top cheddar for the goal.

As soon as the ball hit the net, the Cavaliers’ record holder for assists and points turned into a savage. He skipped over to the Hawks’ sideline, did a little dance right in front of them and waved goodbye.

It was ice cold.

For those who are not familiar with college lax, an eight-goal lead is not necessarily insurmountable. Crazier things have happened. A full quarter of play is a very long time!

Shellenberger didn’t care.

He knew that his goal put the game away for Virginia. They were on a roll and there was no way that a mid-major program was going to claw its way back. Fortunately, for sake of his ego, and to save him a whole lot of embarrassment, Shellenberger was right!

Even though the Hoos went on to win the game and advance, the antics did not sit well with everybody. There was a contingency of lacrosse fans who found Shellenberger’s behavior to lack class. One such hater of fun called it “scumbaggery.”

I wholeheartedly disagree. Shellenberger scored two goals with four assists in the NCAA Tournament.

If he wants to talk his talk while walking the walk, he should!

What fun is college lacrosse (and sports in general) if not for some trash talk? Just as long as the trash talk is backed up by success…

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