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Viral Madden Streamer Sketch Suffers Injury Hours After Being Announced As Texans Pick Announcer

If you’ve been on football TikTok in the past year or so, surely you know about viral Madden streamer Sketch. The Houston Texans fan is equally known for his unique mannerisms as he is for his Madden skills.

On Wednesday, it was revealed that Sketch was going to be coming to a television screen near you, as he was set to announce a Houston Texans draft pick this weekend in Detroit at the 2024 NFL Draft.

That could be in doubt, though, after he suffered an injury filming a video that involved him running routes.

The TL;DR on Sketch is that he’s a mid-twenties Madden streamer famous for hilarious antics and catchphrases while playing the game. He’s now gone pretty mainstream in the sports circles, with athletes like Luka Dončić referencing Sketch.

I could go on and on about Sketch. Just search him on TikTok, you’ll get the picture.

On Wednesday, the Texans announced that Sketch would take the stage sometime during the NFL Draft this week to announce a pick for the team.

That’s pretty cool for Sketch, I guess. He does have  just under 800k subscribers on Twitch, so this does make sense from the perspective of the league.

But, who knows if that will even happen now. Sketch was filming a live stream in Detroit, site of the NFL Draft, on Wednesday with fellow streamer IShowSpeed (20 million YouTube subscribers).

The two were doing football-related tasks, such as drills you’d see at the NFL Combine and at a football practice. But, disaster struck when Sketch pulled up lame and had to be taken off on a stretcher!

Oh no, Sketch! Hopefully he will be good to go so he can announce a draft pick this weekend. Special teams, special players, special plays.


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