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Stanford Softball Robbed By Ump Show After Abysmal Obstruction Call Leads To Extra-Inning Loss

Stanford Softball UCLA Obstruction

Stanford should not have lost Friday’s college softball game against UCLA in the ninth inning. The Cardinal was robbed of an additional opportunity to win by a terrible call from the Pac-12 umpires.

It was egregious.

For those who don’t know, college softball games last only seven innings. The No. 5 and No.

12-ranked teams in the country were scoreless through the regulation period and extended the game into extras.

Fast forward to the top of the ninth.

Sophomore utility player Megan Grant got things started with a leadoff double. She was replaced by a pinch runner, freshman Liesl Osteen. The Bruins had one on with nobody out.

Taylor Stephens stepped into the box and knocked a single up the middle. Osteen got on her horse, rounded third, and headed for home. There, waiting for her, was not a brown-eyed handsome man. (Shoutout to John Fogerty!)

Rather, it was Stanford catcher Aly Kaneshiro. The throw beat Osteen to the dish by a mile. It was a laser. Kaneshiro was in a great position to make the tag to prevent the runner from scoring. She did.

Osteen was called out.

However, upon further review, the call was overturned as a result of obstruction. The umpires ruled that Kaneshiro blocked the plate and the go-ahead run was counted.

It was a truly terrible call. Osteen had a clear path. Kaneshiro made a clean tag. The throw was there a full beat before the runner arrived.

The Cardinal could not answer in the bottom of the ninth and lost 1-0 as direct result of the obstruction call. Stanford was robbed of an opportunity to play on into the 10th inning.

In what world is this obstruction?

Stanford Softball Obstruction

Kaneshiro wasn’t blocking home plate. Osteen had plenty of room to navigate around the tag.

Horrible call!

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