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Aaron Rodgers Earned A Hilariously Modest Performance Bonus For The Four Snaps He Played Last Season

Jets QB Aaron Rodgers
Jets QB Aaron Rodgers

The Jets headed into last season with clear eyes, full hearts, and a can’t-lose attitude after signing Aaron Rodgers only to see him sidelined for year after tearing his ACL on his first drive in his new uniform—which was still enough to earn a very modest performance bonus.

Aaron Rodgers took a pay cut when he signed a two-year contract worth $75 million with the New York Jets, as he was slated to make $110 million over the course of the same span courtesy of the deal he’d inked with the Green Bay Packers before he requested a trade.

All of that money was guaranteed, although Rodgers did have the opportunity to earn some extra cash courtesy of the “performance-based pay” stipulation that’s existed since the NFL and NFLPA agreed to a new collective bargaining agreement in 2002.

The mechanics of that particular system are a bit too complex to easily unpack (you can read a full explanation here), but it’s essentially designed to give guys who are receiving a comparatively small salary a chance to earn some extra compensation when they end up outperforming small contracts (for example, Brock Purdy received $739,795 this year on top of the $985,000 he made in the second-year of a rookie deal the 49ers have taken full advantage of).

The nature of performance-based pay means a player who is, say, a quarterback who’s racked up four MVP awards and a Super Bowl ring while playing for close to two decades typically isn’t going to get a massive windfall. With that said, well-compensated veterans like Rodgers are still eligible for a bonus after the season wraps up.

That’s apparently the case even if you played a grand total of four snaps before succumbing to a season-ending injury, as Adam Schefter noted Rodgers is slated to received a grand total of $81.14 for his contributions last year.

Must be nice.

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