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Return To The Wasteland Of ‘Mad Max’ With The Electric, Chaotic Trailer For ‘Furiosa’

anya taylor joy in the furiosa trailer
anya taylor joy in the furiosa trailer

Warner Bros. has released the second official trailer for Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, the prequel to 2015’s iconic Best Picture nominee Mad Max: Fury Road.

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga will be released in movie theaters in the United States on Friday, May 24. Check out the official trailer for Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga below.

Here is the official synopsis for Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, via Warner Bros.:

As the world fell, young Furiosa is snatched from the Green Place of Many Mothers and falls into the hands of a great Biker Horde led by the Warlord Dementus.

Sweeping through the Wasteland, they come across the Citadel presided over by The Immortan Joe. While the two Tyrants war for dominance, Furiosa must survive many trials as she puts together the means to find her way home.

Anya Taylor-Joy stars in the lead role of Furiosa, previously portrayed by Charlize Theron, alongside Chris Hemsworth as Warlord Dementus. In addition to Taylor-Joy and Hemsworth, Alyla Browne and Tom Burke also feature in the film.

Furiosa is the fifth film in the franchise following Mad Max (1979), Mad Max: The Road Warrior (1981), Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985), and Mad Max: Fury Road (2015). All five films have been directed by George Miller, who is also the filmmaker behind the Babe and Happy Feet movies.

The film marks another major step in Taylor-Joy’s career, who has been rising to the top of Hollywood’s A-list in recent years thanks to her work in projects such as The Witch, Glass, Emma, Last Night in Soho, The Northman, The Menu, Amsterdam, and The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Earlier this year, Taylor-Joy also had a small role in Denis Villeneuve’s Dune: Part Two, which is expected to become a main role in the trilogy-concluding Dune: Messiah.

You can also watch the first official trailer for Furiosa, which was released earlier in 2024, below.

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