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LeBron James Has A Bizarre Pregame Ritual That Drives His Teammates Crazy

LeBron James is apparently very superstitious despite being one of the most talented players in the league.

This week, Playmaker released a podcast featuring LeBron’s former teammates Mario Chalmers and Thomas Bryant in which they discuss his bizarre pregame habits that have left them scratching their heads at times.

According to Chalmers, LeBron lays out his gameday outfit in the middle of the locker room and won’t allow anyone to walk over it, and if they do, he has a game manager bring out an entire new outfit.

“That man will lay out his outfit on the floor for the game and makes sure everyone walks around it…one time the media walked over the jersey, and he snapped, and he made the equipment man get him a whole new jersey, shorts, tights, headbands, armband, and socks and laid right back out, like OCD superstition, like you better walk all the way around it like if it were a chalk outline”

Bryant revealed that LeBron has a seat in the gym reserved for him that can’t be used even if he’s not there.

“He has a seat right when you walk into the gym, and one of the teammates tried to sit there and they said don’t sit there that’s Bron’s seat”

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