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Kirk Herbstreit Teases Huge New Feature, Release Month In Upcoming ‘EA Sports College Football 25’ Video Game

Kirk Herbstreit
Kirk Herbstreit

The long, decade-plus wait for a new version of an EA Sports College Football game is almost here. While there’s no release date yet, we will all be playing Dynasty mode in just a few months.

Everyone, including myself, is eagerly awaiting any piece of information we can get about the game.

On Monday, ESPN College Football and College Gameday analyst Kirk Herbstreit gave us a really cool piece of information that should make the game more enjoyable.

Herbstreit was appearing on ESPN’s The Pat McAfee Show on Monday, when the topic of EA Sports College Football 25 came up. Prior to the game being put on hiatus after NCAA Football 14, Herbstreit was one of the in-game announcers alongside Brad Nessler and the legendary Lee Corso. But, that was the only broadcast booth available.

According to Kirk Herbstreit, while he will still be in the upcoming game, there will be other broadcast booths involved as well.

Herbstreit notes that he’s still doing his voice recordings for the game, as well as mentioning the different booths.  And, he slipped in that he thinks the game will be out in July. That was already assumed, but it’s nice to see someone tangentially involved in the game mention July as when it will come out.

It’s unknown what these different booths will really mean. Does that mean that we will have games with ESPN graphics and presentations, and some with Fox, CBS, or NBC presentation? Having that many different announcers and different presentations would be incredible. Plus, they could include multiple broadcast teams from some of these networks, too. Imagine how cool it would be to only hear Gus Johnson and Joel Klatt for Big Noon Kickoff, or Brad Nessler and Gary Danielson for the CBS Game of the Week.


At the end. of the day, though, I think we all are just excited to have an updated college football video game with real players coming to market again.

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