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Kansas City Superfan, Bank Robber, ChiefsAholic’s Lawyer Goes On Hilarious Rant


The NFL is full of awesome superfans of each of its 32 teams, and those fans are truly the lifeblood of the league’s fandom. And then, there’s Kansas City superfan “ChiefsAholic”.

Xaviar Babudar, AKA “ChiefsAholic”, was a legendary Chiefs superfan for years in the Chiefs Kingdom community.

He was also robbing banks. Here’s an excerpt from a USA Today article in August of last year.

Xaviar Babudar, a 29-year-old Chiefs fan popularly known as ChiefsAholic — who would don a werewolf costume at Chiefs games — was charged with three counts of armed bank robbery, one count of bank theft, 11 counts of money laundering, and four counts of transporting stolen property across state lines, the U.S. attorney’s office for the Western District of Missouri announced. In addition, prosecutors allege Babudar also used the robbery proceeds to attend the Chiefs games he was known to attend, as well as using the money to place bets on the Chiefs.

Babudar later went on the lam from authorities before being captured last summer. And, on Wednesday, he pled guilty to bank robbery, money laundering, and transporting stolen property. He faces up to 50 years in prison for his crimes.

But, that’s not the headline. Instead, it’s these truly insane comments made by his attorney after the court proceedings.

Take a look.

From the beginning of this case, folks, the government has been blitzing. And, Xaviar’s pocket was collapsing. But today, Xavier stepped into the pressure. He took responsibility for his actions. He stood up in court, humble and repentant and admitted what he had done. Now, if I know anything about Xaviar, and if the Chiefs Kingdom knows anything about ChiefsAholic we know that he doesn’t give up. We know that if he stumbled, and he fell. He didn’t let his knee touch the ground. And that’s because he’s capable of doing a great thing. And he knows that there’s still hope. We still have a lot of work to do on his case, but Xavier wants everyone to know that he loves the Chiefs Kingdom. He loves Kansas City, and he hopes that you’ll rally to his support. Thank you and God bless.

Those are some truly insane comments that show a complete lack of self-awareness or tact by his attorney. But also, I’m so glad he made these comments. Truly, the fact that he used football analogies to describe attacks by prosecutors against a now admitted bank robber is actually hilarious. Thank you, ChiefsAholic’s legal team.

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