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Jo Koy Praises His ‘Courage’ For Hosting The Golden Globes, Gives Himself An A+ Grade, Gets Cooked

jo koy hosting the golden globes
jo koy hosting the golden globes

On one hand, Jo Koy’s monologue at the 2024 Golden Globes was the biggest public faceplant of his career. On the other hand, though, it’s also the most notable moment of his career, as you likely never heard of him before Sunday, January 7.

Likely knowing these are, for better or for worse, his brightest 15 minutes of fame, Koy gave an interview to the Los Angeles Times about his disastrous hosting performance, and hilariously said he’s giving himself an “A-plus” grade due to his “courage.

” Yes, seriously.

“I don’t want to give myself a rating because that’s subjective, you can give me whatever rating you want,” he said, before giving himself a rating in the next sentence.

“I’m gonna give myself an A-plus just based on the courage [to do it]. I’m going to hit it over the head a million times, whoever you can think of in your head that could have done it, I’m telling you right now they said no, and I didn’t.”

To his credit, Koy did cop for throwing the writers under the bus during the monologue, categorizing it as a “rookie move.”

“There’s a lot of greats that make rookie moves. That was a rookie move. Those writers are dope, and that was not my intention at all. They were amazing, they had my back, and I need to make sure I fix that, and I will, I always will,” Koy said.

Another laughable quote from Koy’s LA Times interview came from when he was discussing a cringeworthy Barbie joke, as he tried to extoll the virtues of his feminism by saying how much he “praises and shines light on women, from my ex-wife to my mom.”

Prior to hosting the Golden Globes, Koy made frequent appearances on the E! show Chelsea Lately and has released a handful of comedy specials on Netflix and Comedy Central.

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