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College Softball Team Travels 400 Miles For Literally Just One Pitch Because Turf Is The Worst

College Softball

College softball should be played on a grass field. Or, at the very least, a turf field with a dirt circle.

There is simply no need for an all-turf diamond. It can only cause problems, like it did on Wednesday night in Conway, Arkansas. Central Arkansas’ first-midweek game of the year lasted only one pitch.

Not one half inning… Not one batter….

One pitch.

Junior pitcher Julia Petty stepped into the circle to get things started for the Bears in the top of the first. She settled in, ran through her signs with her catcher, wound up and delivered a ball high.

As Petty’s left foot planted down, the turf on the mound folded up under her. Efforts to repair the broken field took ten minutes. They failed.

The playing surface was deemed unplayable. The game was postponed.

That was it! One pitch was all it took for the non-conference matchup to come to a screeching halt.

Louisiana Tech was Central Arkansas’ opponent. The Lady Bulldogs traveled 200 miles to play exactly one pitch. They turned right around and went home.

La. Tech either flew from Ruston to Little Rock/Conway on Wednesday morning and flew back on Wednesday night, or they drove in just to drive right back. Either way, that’s absolutely brutal for the athletes.

It was not possible to bump the game back by one day. Both schools have games on Friday and the logistics wouldn’t have made any sense. They will try to make it up at a later date.

Meanwhile, the Bears have a bigger issue on their hands! Central Arkansas is set to host a college softball tournament this weekend, but its field literally fell apart at the seams.

The grounds crew has 48 hours to get the field playable and ready to go!

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