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Zach Wilson’s New Jersey Number Creates Hilarious Drama After Denver Broncos Draft Bo Nix

Bo Nix Zach Wilson Jersey Number

The Denver Broncos announced Zach Wilson’s new jersey number just hours before they selected Bo Nix with the No. 12 overall pick in the NFL Draft. It could not be any funnier.

Like the team noted, numbers are always subject to change.

However, as things currently stand, you simply could not write it any better.

Wilson will wear the No. 10!

Here’s the thing. Wilson, who was recently traded to the Broncos from the Jets, has never worn his new number throughout his entire career. He was No. 1 in high school and also at BYU after a short stint as No. 11 in Provo.

Zach Wilson Jersey Number

He was No. 2 in New York.

Zach Wilson Jersey Number

It is the exact opposite for Nix! He wore No. 10 in high school and at Auburn.

Bo Nix Jersey Number

He also wore No. 10 at Oregon.

Bo Nix Jersey Number

Bo Nix and Zach Wilson are now on the same NFL team, which sparked all kinds of jokes— especially considering that they are the exact same age. The number thing adds an even funnier element to the quarterback room.

There is no way that Nix does not want the number that he has worn his entire life. Wilson does not have any attachment to or history with the No. 10 but it is now his.

The only way that this whole thing could get any better is if the latter refuses to relinquish the number to the former. It would be hysterical if Nix is forced to change his number because Wilson won’t give it up.

Another outcome involves an exchange of currency.

Nix may have to pay Wilson for the No. 10. That would also be hilarious, considering that the number was only a few hours old.

If you are someone who roots for chaos, the best result of this entire saga is that Zach Wilson keeps the No. 10 and loses the QB1 job to Bo Nix. The starting quarterback being forced to wear a number that is not his because the backup quarterback got to it just hours before him would be rather humorous.

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