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Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones ‘Floored’ After Epic Playoff Collapse

Despite coming in as pretty solid favorites as far as NFL Playoff betting lines are concerned, the Dallas Cowboys were embarrassed by the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Wild Card Round, 48-32, at home on Sunday.

There’s no way that performance, which was more lopsided than the final score indicates, was received well by outspoken Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones.

“I don’t have any thoughts about the reasons why, or anything to do with the coaching, anything to do about the players, I want to give Green Bay a lot of compliments and credit. And this is one of my most surprises. Since I’ve been involved. And to
that degree, I know how disappointed everybody is,” Jones said after the game.

He was later asked if he would rank this as the most painful playoff loss.

“I can’t reach back and look at a playoff loss. But this seems like the most painful because we all had such great expectation. And we had hoped for this thing and thought that we were aligned and in great shape in great shape, but it didn’t happen for us,” he said.

This is just another in a string of crushing playoff blows for Dallas. The team has just three playoff wins since 1996, and hasn’t reached the NFC Championship Game since that season as well. For a franchise that has won five Super Bowls, that’s simply not good enough.

Questions remain on Head Coach Mike McCarthy’s future with the team, as Jerry Jones could definitely move on, possibly with Bill Belichick. Regardless, another Dallas playoff failure is sure to be the talk of the sports world this week.

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