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Matt Rhule Shares Story Of Bill Belichick Embarrassing Him At Nebraska Coaches Clinic

Who knows whether Bill Belichick will ever return as an NFL head coach?

But if he doesn’t, Belichick will leave the game with a legacy unmatched by any other coach that came before.

Belichick’s legacy, and his football knowledge, is so outstanding that it recently left Nebraska Cornhuskers head coach Matt Rhule in awe.

Rhule welcomed Belichick for a coaches clinic in Lincoln recently. But he left the clinic with far more than he bargained for.

He is so smart, has seen so much that he can make the complex so simple that it humbles you and embarrasses you. I was embarrassed yesterday listening to him, how smart he is, how simple it was,” Rhule

of the six-time Super Bowl champion.

“He went four and a half hours—he came in and met with our coaching staff,” Rhule continued. “Three and a half hours in I was like, ‘Coach, would you like a water? A coffee? Would you like to use the restroom?’ Because I desperately had to use the restroom. He was like, ‘I’m fine, man.’ I was like, ‘Yes, sir.’

“Just sitting there and just talking, right? And just his recall on things 15 years ago. And the only reason we don’t get through more information is because he’s having to slow down to make sure you understand what he’s saying. So, you have this man who’s a savant, who’s been a defensive coordinator, he’s been a special teams coordinator, he could be an offensive coordinator. He’s been the head coach twice. … He’s talking about football in a way that just illuminates things and makes things so simple that you’re like ‘oh my goodness.'”

Rhule struggled mightily in his time in the NFL with the Carolina Panthers. But he’s back in college now and hoping to turn around one of the sport’s most prestigious programs.

So whether it’s Belichick or anybody else, he’s likely to need and accept all the help he can get.


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