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‘Fake Logan Paul’ Viciously Knocked Out In Celebrity Boxing Match

Rodney Peterson has been having a rough time being a Logan Paul impersonator.

Back in 2022, Peterson went viral when he was discovered by Logan because of how much they look alike.


Replying to @the.new.era.1 #staypositive #keepgrinding Yep, I Wanna Give A Huge Shout Out To All of You for the Amazing Support which made all of this possible.

#thankyou @loganpaul #smile #maverick #rodneypetersen also known as #notloganpaul

♬ original sound – Rodney Petersen

Unfortunately for Peterson, he once got choked out by former UFC fighter Nate Diaz, who may have confused him for the real Logan Paul.

On Saturday, Peterson participated in the latest Misfits boxing card and got brutally knocked out in the ring.

It’s probably time for Peterson to find another profession or impersonate another person but things aren’t working out for him.

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