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Iowa WBB Head Coach Says Caitlin Clark Avoids ‘Prima Donna’ Title Through Humility And Respect

Caitlin Clark

Caitlin Clark is not only one of the biggest stars in women’s college basketball, she is one of the biggest stars in sports. Iowa’s sharpshooting senior is a household name. The Hawkeyes sell out almost every road game because people want to watch Clark play, and hopefully, watch her lose.

Superstardom often leads to big heads and inflated egos.

Athletes who carry a status of such significant fame can become someone who they are not. It is easy to get caught up in the popularity.

Clark is not one of those people. Her head coach, Lisa Bluder, believes that it is one of her most redeeming qualities. The 22-year-old is humble, compassionate, and selfless.

Bluder started off my discussing the unselfish nature of her team.

We really praise the assist. I mean one of our values is everyone matters. It doesn’t matter to us if you’re the leading scorer or if you’re a person who seldom gets off the bench. To me? Everyone matters. It’s one thing to have that pasted on your wall. It’s another thing to live it. I think our team lives it.

— Lisa Bluder

She and the Iowa staff put a big emphasis on culture during the recruiting process.

We don’t want kids that want to come in here and just want to be a basketball player. Have everything run around them and not really care about the touchy, feely stuff. We like the touchy, feely stuff. We think, when players are emotionally invested, that they will play harder, that they will look out for each other a little bit more. I think that’s what we try to tap into is the emotional part of this game – not just the skill part.

— Lisa Bluder

As for this year’s team, which is ranked No. 2 in the country at 22-2, Bluder thinks that Clark’s presence amplifies who she is as an individual. The way that she carries herself impresses her coach.

I give so much credit to Caitlin for that. She earns every respect by the way she performs. The way that she practices, her extra shots that she gets in.

She doesn’t act like a prima donna. I mean she just doesn’t. I wish that everybody could see, behind the scenes, how she is. She’s so far from a prima donna.

— Lisa Bluder

It would be very easy for Clark’s teammates to resent her. That is not the case.

Everybody on our team respects her and just admires the way that she treats them. She’s just a very thoughtful, thoughtful individual.

– Lisa Bluder

Clark has a decision to make over the next few weeks. She has an opportunity to return to Iowa for a fifth and final season if she chooses to forgo the WNBA Draft.

Where her teammates who are waiting for an opportunity to be the star might not want her to run it back, Bluder’s comments make it sound like they would welcome a return. There is no hostility amongst teammates. There is no drama behind the scenes.

Caitlin Clark is leading by example and the entire program is better for it. She leads by example, cares deeply for her people, and continues to remain humble as the spotlight follows her every move.

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