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Popular Anime Video Game Takes Marketing On ‘The Sphere’ To Next Level With Viral Contest

The Sphere Honkai Star Rail

The Sphere in Las Vegas continues to captivate the world with its remarkable LED display. It lights up the night sky and draws thousands of eyeballs with each and every day.

In an effort to capitalize on the massive reach of The Sphere, companies big and small are spending big money to advertise their new products and developments on the exosphere.

All of the campaigns have been mostly the same up until this point. All of the on-screen ads relate back to a specific entity that is part of a larger marketing push. Like The Marvels, for example.

Chinese video game development and publishing company miHoYo is no different. However, it is taking a unique approach to its push on The Sphere.

miHoYo is set to promote Honkai: Star Rail on Las Vegas’s newest entertainment venue over the weekend. Honkai: Star Rail is an anime-adjacent video game that received The Game Award for Best Mobile Game after its initial release in April of 2023.

With the 2.0 update set to arrive on February 6, Honkai: Star Rail characters are set to take over the Sphere between 6:00pm and 10:00pm on Feb. 4. That part alone is nothing out of the ordinary.

The contest associated with the Sphere display is what takes things to the next level. miHoYo is giving away 30 gift cards worth $100.

People in Las Vegas can enter by taking a photo of the in-person advertisement. People at home can share the video game’s official post on X with a chance to enter as well.

This is the first campaign of this type. No other company has yet to incorporate a viral social media element to its use of The Sphere. Honkai: Star Rail is the first. It’s so simple and so brilliant.

If you’re in Sin City this weekend and notice a bunch of people who look like they’d be into video games and/or anime gathering around The Sphere on Sunday night, you know why!

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