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Shedeur Sanders Skips Team Meeting To Rock $2K Jacket In Paris For Louis Vuitton Fashion Show

Shedeur Shilo Sanders Louis Vuitton Fashion Show Paris

Shedeur Sanders was not in attendance for Colorado football’s first team meeting of 2024. He and Shilo are currently in Paris for Fashion Week. They are going to walk in the Louis Vuitton fashion show!

Deion Sanders and his new staff addressed the Buffaloes in Boulder on Sunday afternoon.

Meanwhile, his two sons snagged first class Delta seats on a flight to the City of Lights.

They checked into the hotel upon arrival and immediately went straight to the Louis Vuitton office, where the team briefed them about their photoshoot and talked them through the necessary preparations for the runway walk later this week.

Part of that process included a meeting with a coach. Shilo and Shedeur were tasked with capturing the “essence and spirit” of the brand during their appearance. They were encouraged to be strong and confident in their walk, which the coach likened to a stylish stroll to catch a subway train.

Just to get the thoughts turning, the trainer put Shedeur and Shilo Sanders on the spot. He made them both give their best walk without any practice, on which they will work as the week continues.

Day 2 of their trip to Paris was even cooler. The two Sanders brothers got to explore the city and traveled over to the Louis Vuitton set for the first time.

While there, Pharrell offered them both some advice.

Shedeur was wearing an oversized down jacket from Marni that costs no less than $1,000 depending on where you look. His pants and shoes were also pretty expensive, but the handbag really brought the entire outfit together. It appeared to be a Goyardine Grand Hotel Trunk bag, which are extremely hard to get and normally go for about $2,000.

Louis Vuitton will present the show for the Men’s Fall-Winter 2024 Collection by Pharrell Williams on Tuesday. Shilo and Shedeur Sanders will be able to put all of their practice to the test. Pretty cool!

Meanwhile, their team is starting to get ready for the next college football season back in Boulder.

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