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Jimmy Butler – Country Music’s DJ Khaled? NBA Star Dishes On Latest 60-Song Project

Jimmy Butler attends the CMT Country Music Awards.
Jimmy Butler attends the CMT Country Music Awards.

NBA star Jimmy Butler is working on a country music album, which he expanded upon in a recent interview. Though he has no intention of singing on the project, he does have a plan

Butler’s love of the genre is noted, though how he came to love it wouldn’t be what you’d call typical.

The Heat guard says that path actually began with a troll attempt. Trying to annoy his teammates, he looked up, ‘What is the most country song?’ to which he got his answer – Tim McGraw’s Don’t Take The Girl.

Butler then blasted that somber, yet absolute banger of a hit loud for everyone to hear.

Whether or not his troll attempt succeeded is unknown. What is sure, though, is that is started a country music journey that’s now buoyed into a potential career after the career.

The basketballer is working on an album, revealing that he has 60 songs recorded in a recent interview with The Guardian’s Claire de Lune.

He’d like to get that number to 200 before he’s through.

“You really don’t know how difficult it is to make a No 1 song, how difficult it is to have all these songs on the back burner. And you got to pick the right ones. And it’s fun, and I do love it, but my goodness, it’s difficult. It’s stressful – it’s completely different from basketball.

“It is incredibly fun; I’ve had a blast while doing it. But I will tell you that it’s not easy.”

Jimmy Butler dishes on country music

Again, the genre is nothing new to Butler, seen in the cover photo of this article at a CMT Awards event in 2014.

A quick Google search of ‘Jimmy Butler Country Music’ will spit out tons of videos of the NBAer belting out his favorite tunes.

@jimmybutler #lukecombs #vacation @lukecombs ♬ original sound – JimmyButler

But Butler says he’s not planning to sing on his current project. He compared himself to another popular music personality in his explanation.

“I’m like the DJ Khaled of this thing,” he said of the album. “He’s a crazy talented individual. To bring all these artists together and to have them be able to maintain the egos and be like, ‘Yo, look, this is what we’re trying to get done here,’ he’s mastered it. I freaking love DJ Khaled.”

That might be a good thing for listeners…

Jokes aside, he seems to have a passion for the industry, as well as ambitions to continue well after his basketball career wraps up. It should be fun to follow in the future!

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