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Rick Pitino Says Coaching The ‘Unathletic’ Roster He Assembled Is Most ‘Unenjoyable Experience’ Of Career

Rick Pitino on the sidelines during a St. John's basketball game.
Rick Pitino on the sidelines during a St. John's basketball game.

Rick Pitino is not having a good time this season. The St. John’s basketball coach eviscerated his program after a loss to Seton Hall, taking aim at his players, facilities, and anything else Red Storm related.

Pitino’s seen his struggles in Year 1, posting a 14-12 record to this point.

That includes a current three-game skid that’s put the Johnie’s on the outside looking in in terms of NCAA Tournament projections.

This most recent loss sent him over the edge.

The Red Storm jumped out to an early lead on Sunday, taking a 12-point lead into the halftime break. An abysmal start to the second half would be their demise, however.

Pitino’s bunch scored just five points over the first 13 minutes of action as they watched the Pirates take a 47-46 lead with eight minutes left.

He was visibly frustrated on the bench.

Seton Hall would go on to win, 68-62, pushing St. Johns further down the Big East standings.

Rick Pitino erupted after the fact.

In a series of jabs at both his players and program, he called his debut season in New York the “most unenjoyable experience” he’s had in coaching.

Writer Jaden Daly provided a transcript of those comments on his X timeline.

“We are so unathletic that we can’t guard anybody without fouling. For me, I’ve always enjoyed the first year, and I’m not gonna lie to you: This is the most unenjoyable experience of my lifetime… and not because of record. The defense is just atrocious, and we just foul every time. This has been so disappointing.”

He was far from done. He’d continue on to bash the same players he brought to campus this past offseason.

“After I spent the summer with them, I knew it was going to be a difficult year. I knew it. I’m hoping we could finish over .500 for the season… We had to put a team together at the last second. We will never, ever do that again.”

More on recruiting…

“We kind of lost this season with the way we recruited. We recruited the antithesis of the way I coach. It’s a good group, they try hard, but they’re just not very tough.”

There was even a shot taken at the university’s facilities – or lack thereof.

“Do we have sh—y facilities? Yes, we do. But we’re doing something about that.”

Pitino’s never been one to shy away from an honest evaluation of his program, but this was harsh!

Now, there’s one of two ways his squad can react to the criticism.

Will they come out fighting in hopes of proving their head coach wrong next game against Georgetown, or will they prove him right with another disappointing performance in conference play?

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