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NFL Seriously Considering Long-Debated Change To Onside Kick Rule

So long, onside kicks?

That could be the case in the NFL in 2024.

A new report reveals that the elimination of the play is one of four new rule changes proposed by NFL teams on Wednesday.

The new proposal comes from the Philadelphia Eagles and would replace the onside kick with a 4th-and-20 play from your own 20-yard line.

Both the XFL and USFL had similar rules in place in recent years.

Philadelphia has proposed the change in previous years. But it hasn’t garnered widespread support from other teams despite fans outwardly stating that they like the suggestion.

Philadelphia Eagles Propose New NFL Onside Kick Rule

The new proposal reads as follows:

“As an alternative to a kickoff after a touchdown or a successful field goal, a team (“scoring team”) may elect to retain possession, subject to the following rules:

1. A team may elect to retain possession no more than two times during the game, and must have fewer points than its opponent;

2. The scoring team must notify the Referee of its intention to forgo a kickoff and retain possession. The Referee will then notify the opponent of the scoring team’s election;

3. The ball will be spotted on the scoring team’s 20-yard line, and the scoring team will possess the ball with the down and distance being fourth and 20 (line to gain is the scoring team’s 40-yard line);

4. If either team commits a personal foul during the preceding score, the spot of the kickoff alternative is the succeeding spot if the penalty is not enforced on the try.

Got all that?

So it’s a little more than just 4th-and-20. But you can see the vision.

NFL rule change must be approved by 75% of NFL owners. The owners will vote on any possible rule changes during the annual league meeting from March 24-27.

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