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Fans Want Nick Saban On ‘EA Sports NCAA Football’ Cover After Retirement

Nick Saban
Nick Saban

There’s no doubt that Nick Saban will go down as one of college football’s biggest legends, player or coach, after reports of his impending retirement broke on Wednesday evening.

Following those reports, social media was full of people who wanted to honor Nick Saban in a pretty cool way. They proposed putting the coach on the cover of the upcoming EA Sports NCAA Football video game.

After a decades-long hiatus mostly due to issues surrounding using players Name, Image, and Likeness without their compensation, EA Sports NCAA Football is coming back this summer to an incredible amount of anticipation. It’s safe to say that it’s the most anticipated sports video game in quite some time.

The mode most EA Sports NCAA Football players loved to play was Dynasty Mode, which allowed players to take full control of any FBS program and turn them into a national title contender, or use that job as a stepping stone to take over a bigger program.

That’s the most anticipated mode for most players when the new game comes out, and what better man to put on the cover to represent dynasty mode than Nick Saban? He knows a thing or two about dynasties, because that’s exactly what he created at Alabama.

Nick Saban won a remarkable six national titles at Alabama from 2007-2023, and won ten games or more in a record sixteen consecutive years. No coach put more players into the first round of the NFL Draft than he did. If that’s not a dynasty, what is?

Fans were disappointed when a trailer for the upcoming game didn’t air during Monday’s National Championship Game, but announcing Nick Saban as the person who will grace the cover when the game is released.

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