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Caitlin Clark’s Massive Hands Give Her A Major Advantage Over Other Women’s Hoopers

Caitlin Clark Hands Size

Caitlin Clark has massive hands. The superstar sharpshooter has a major advantage over other players as a result.

As a woman, she plays with a women’s ball. However, unlike most other hoopers on the court, Clark can stretch her fingers across most of the seams. It makes a big difference when it comes to dribbling and shooting. She is able to get more control in both key areas of the sport.

  • Larger hands make it easier to handle the ball because there is more surface area to grip the ball.
  • Larger hands give a player more touch when shooting, which improves accuracy and range.

Iowa welcomed College GameDay to town on Sunday for the final regular season game of Clark’s college basketball career and Holly Rowe shared a photo from last year’s final four. Her hands are huge.

Caitlin Clark Hands

To put the size in perspective, Clark’s hands were a solid inch longer than the Hawkeyes’ former big.

Needless to say, the greatest scorer of all-time can attribute a large part of her success to the length of her fingers and surface area of her palm. That might sound funny, because it is, but it’s true!

Barring a shocking unforeseen series of events, Caitlin Clark is going to be the No. 1 overall pick in the upcoming WNBA Draft. Her professional career is going to begin in a matter of months.

In the meantime, she and Iowa are hoping to rectify their national championship loss to LSU last year. They will likely be a No. 2 seed this time around and are not the favorites to go all of the way. That doubt is what fuels Clark’s fire. She hopes to use her giant hands to swat all of the haters aside while chasing a ring. While all of the individual accolades are great, they are not what matters to the NCAA’s all-time leading scorer!

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