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College Football Finds Way To Make Recruiting Schedule Even Worse With New Signing Day Date

A football sits on a tee at midfield.
A football sits on a tee at midfield.

A new early signing period date has been set in hopes of making a late season recruiting schedule a bit less hectic for coaches. Many believe it’s done the opposite.

An announcement was recently revealed showing a move up for that ESD, shifting the three-day window ahead a few weeks to early December.

College football fans are less than thrilled.

That move was made due to issues with the newly introduced transfer portal window, which runs during the sport’s postseason.

In an attempt to put some distance between the two, the Collegiate Commissioners Association made a decision to set the new early signing period for the week between the end of the regular season and the start of conference championship games.

Essentially, the week after Thanksgiving.

While the move provides time between the high school signing period and the transfer portal window, it also comes while many are just wrapping up regular seasons – and others are prepping for conference titles!

There’s no break!

Followers were quick to comment on the announcement, believing the move could do more harm than good.

“Wait, they made it WORSE?!”

“So, they will actually make it MORE frantic at season’s end? Nice job.”

“The only good this does is make it not simultaneous with the transfer window… That’s a small win, but it invites additional problems.”

“This is even dumber than the original!”

Coaches have been critical of the winter recruiting schedules in the past, and there’s sure to be some opposition to this move.

The early signing period has become the most popular date for high schoolers in recent years, with a number choosing to enroll early at their new schools. Previously, the February period was college football’s recruiting spectacle.

Time will tell how effective this new date is.

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