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UFOs Captured In Photos By Oil Rig Worker Near Alleged Underwater Alien Base

UFO alien flying saucer
UFO alien flying saucer

An oil rig worker off the coast of Mexico near Tampico snapped photos of two different UFOs close to what locals believe is an underwater alien base.

The oil rig worker says the photos were taken in October of 2023 by a colleague with a witness to the UFO sightings claiming they “hovered for what seemed like 10 minutes and then just zoomed off in an instant.

“My contact said the UAPs [Unidentified Aerial Phenomena] showed up as they were putting the oil rigs legs to the seabed,” the oil rig worker told DailyMail.com.

Local residents have long been claiming that an underwater alien base they refer to as Amupac has been protecting them from hurricanes for over 50 years.

“My rig only came here recently,” the oil rig worker said. “It was after I discovered the local belief being so strong as regards aliens protecting them that I discussed with a guy who works as a liaison between our two rigs.

“Then he told me about the encounters. He then sent me the images.”

In 1967, the local El Sol de Tampico newspaper published a story with the headline “Flying Saucers Over Tampico” claiming that “thousands of inhabitants” of Tampico witnessed UFOs in the sky.

The local airport’s control tower officer also reportedly counted “nine unidentified objects” during that same time.

In 2019, “at least 100” UFOs with underwater capabilities swarmed battleships in 2019, Navy crew members reported.

“If I were investigating an alien planet like Earth, the ocean would definitely be the place to start. Not only does it comprise the vast majority of living space and living organisms on Earth, but it also is comparatively unpopulated by the one species, humans, that seems intent on destroying the planet,” Brian Helmuth, Northeastern University professor of marine and environmental science, said last September.

“It would be a great place from which to observe.”

Active volcanoes and Antarctica are also often thought to be the home of alien bases due to their difficult to reach locations.

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