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Caitlin Clark Picks Up Technical Foul After Heated Altercation With Victoria Vivians

Caitlin Clark is done getting rook’d.

The superstar WNBA rookie has been the target of physical play throughout her young career, and now it appears she’s fighting back.

Clark picked up a technical foul on Thursday against the Seattle Storm after a heated altercation with Storm vet (and former Indiana player) Victoria Vivians.

The incident came after Clark hit a stepback 3-pointer in the second quarter of a close game. Vivians then appeared to shoulder barge into her as the two went back down the court, leading to an animated exchange of words.

Clark’s teammates had to step in and back her away from Vivians. Both players were given a technical foul on the pay.

Caitlin Clark’s Technical Foul Represents New ‘Aggressive Mindset’

Clark spoke recently about the physical place she’s faced since turning pro and how she’s dealing with it.

“I think everybody is physical with me, they get away with things that probably other people don’t get away with,” she said, per Chloe Peterson of the Indianapolis Star. “It’s tough, but that’s just the fact of the matter. This is a very physical game, and you’re going to get pressure, this is professional basketball. It is what it is, honestly.”

Opponents don’t give Clark much quarter. But the former Iowa Hawkeyes star began to figure things out in recent games.

“I think I just played with an aggressive mindset,” Clark said. “That was the biggest thing. I tried to play downhill the best I could. I would’ve liked to make a couple more 3s, but I had to take some there at the end that were a little contested.”

Clearly, Clark is figuring things out. And her midset appears to be changing.

So a warning to any WNBA vet that thinks they’re just going to bully the rook, it isn’t gonna be easy.

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