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Caleb Williams Unveils Highly-Anticipated NFL Draft Suit With Hard Launch Of His Girlfriend

Caleb Williams Girlfriend NFL Draft Suit

There was not a lot of mystery surrounding Caleb Williams at the NFL Draft on Thursday. He was expected to be the No. 1 overall pick ever since he won the Heisman Trophy as a sophomore at USC.

That is exactly how things played out.

The Bears picked in the top spot for the first time since 1947 as a result of the Panthers’ awful season.

Chicago received the pick as part of a massive trade with Carolina last spring and also held pick No. 9.

Justin Fields was still on the roster at the time that the first overall pick became official, but all of the initial debate about the Bears’ future at quarterback was put to bed when he was shipped off to Pittsburgh. Williams became a lock at No. 1. It was no longer a question.

As a result, all of the fun was sucked out of the pick from a fan perspective.

Fortunately, Williams knows how to spice things up! He teased a “1 of 1” suit for Draft night and said that his girlfriend would be in a dress that is equally as unique.

Most people did not know that Williams even had a girlfriend so that too became a draw. Especially when it was announced that he paused his preparation for the NFL to take her on vacation to Tokyo.

Who is she?! What will they wear?!

Those questions were answered shortly after 4:00 p.m. ET on Thursday when Williams walked out of the Westin Hotel in Detroit with his mother on his right arm and his unnamed girlfriend on his left.

Both Caleb Williams and his girlfriend rocked Chrome Hearts from head to toe. The former wore a double-breasted navy Chicago Bears blue suit that folded over itself and zipped up on the right side.

The latter wore a silver gown that matched her boyfriend’s silver accent.

In addition to the color coordination between Williams’ suit and his girlfriend’s dress, his girlfriend painted her nails to match. As did Williams. His left pinky finger was also painted silver!

We’re talking about $40,000/$50,000 per outfit. They both looked great!

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