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A’s Deter Staff From Selling ‘Oakland’ Merch As Club Announces Move To 14K Capacity Minor League Park

An Oakland A's logo across the front of a jersey.
An Oakland A's logo across the front of a jersey.

The A’s announced a temporary move to Sacramento for the 2025, ’26, and ’27 seasons ahead of a full-time departure for Las Vegas. Bracing for the move, staff are seemingly deterring fans from buying any merchandise that dons the word “Oakland.”

A supposed employee cheat sheet was found at a recent game listing guidelines for customer service workers.

Under the “Product” section of that info page were two rules:

  1. If you see anything that says, “Rooted in Oakland,” it must be taken down immediately.
  2. Try not to highlight product that focuses on the name “Oakland.”

That now-viral employee checklist makes a bit more sense following news that the A’s are headed to Sacramento next season.

A move to Las Vegas has been in the works for some time, but it seems the club is bridging the gap to the 2028 season with a three-year stint in the state capital.

The A’s will play in a minor league ballpark next season.

The organization announced that Sacramento move on Thursday, informing followers that Sutter Health Park will be the team’s new, temporary home.

The move is being made following failed negations with the city of Oakland about a possible lease extending through the Las Vegas move.

With their lease at the Oakland Coliseum set to expire after the 2024 season and a planned relocation to Las Vegas to a new ballpark that is not expected to be ready for play until the 2028 season, the A’s will move into the home of the Sacramento River Cats, who are currently the Triple-A affiliate of the Giants.

The A’s had been negotiating with the city of Oakland for a possible lease extension at the Coliseum, where the team has been playing its home games since 1968. But while talks were considered productive, the two sides remained far apart on a deal.

Including fixed seats, lawn and standing room, Sutter Health Park currently holds a capacity of 14,014.

For reference, the Oakland Coliseum holds up to 63,000 patrons – not that fans have been filling the seats of late.

Most interesting in the move is the fact that the A’s will no longer be tied to a city while being housed in Sacramento. According to Evan Drellich of The Athletic, “a spokesperson said the club will be called the Athletics and A’s for the interim period,” rather than the Sacramento A’s.

That being said, this 2024 season will be the team’s last in Oakland. Truly the end of an era.

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