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Russell Wilson Ditches ‘Let’s Ride,’ Unveils New Catchphrase With Steelers

Russell Wilson poses for a photo at a Players TV event.
Russell Wilson poses for a photo at a Players TV event.

Russell Wilson has officially signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The team posted a video to the QB inking his new deal to their social media outlets on Friday in celebration of the offseason addition.

That clip not only built hype heading into the 2024 campaign, but it also showed a shift away from Wilson’s previous tagline with his former franchise.

Russ went viral in the 2022 offseason after being traded to the Denver Broncos when he dropped a new catchphrase for NFL followers.

“Broncos Country, Let’s Ride,” took social media by storm that summer for its simultaneous catchiness and cringey-ness. Wilson was spotted in front of green screens testing the new motto out in different inflections, seeing which ones felt best.

When the season started, that catchphrase only grew. Russell Wilson would end each and every interview with “Let’s Ride,” no matter the situation.

Three-score blowout? “Let’s Ride.”

Upset of a division rival? “Let’s Ride.”

Midseason benching? “Let’s Ride.”

That ride was bumpy for the Broncos, and when all was said and done, they released Wilson despite still owing the passer a ton of money.

That guaranteed cash allowed the Steelers to sign Russ for the league minimum while Denver continues to pay nearly $40M of his salary.

As he looks ahead to his future in Pittsburgh, he’s opted to move away from the old and start fresh with the new.

Russell Wilson unveiled a new catchphrase with the Steelers.

“What’s up, Steeler Nation? Just signed. Fired up to wear the black and gold,” the QB said before dropping that new tagline. “Here we go!”

It’s a fitting one for the move to Pittsburgh, and one that many around the franchise will immediately relate to.

Matching lyrics to the team’s fight song, the passer’s doing his best to quickly integrate into the organization’s culture.

Russell Wilson is off to a good start in terms of winning the offseason. The next step will be winning on the field. Should he do so, fans won’t care how cringey his new tagline becomes.

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