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Robert Griffin III Claims Cowboys Should Replace Head Coach Mike McCarthy With Deion Sanders

With the Dallas Cowboys’ loss to the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Wild Card Round leading to another early playoff exit, many in the sports world are already firing off insane takes for clout and views.

As of Sunday night, former NFL quarterback and current NFL analyst Robert Griffin III had the most outlandish take so far, suggesting that the Cowboys replace Mike McCarthy with Colorado Head Deion Sanders.

“I know what you need. You need coach Prime That’s right. Deion Sanders, Coach Prime. Coach prime knows how to win in Dallas. He knows what it takes to have a championship mindset. He knows how to hold guys accountable. And he is a culture changer. Look at what he did at Jackson State going 27-6. (He) completely changed the culture there at that HBCU and he goes to Colorado and he changes the mindset there. And it’s not just that. Coach Prime is also going to bring you your quarterback of the future. Yeah, that’s right, Shedeur Sanders.

I’m a Dak guy. I love his game. I think the Cowboys can win a Super Bowl with him. But if Coach Prime becomes the head coach, you better believe he’d try to go get his son to come with him. And if the Cowboys have an opportunity to draft that young man, oh, they certainly are. Dak can take Shedeur under his wing and teach him the room until he’s ready to take over. But we all know a couple things about Jerry Jones. He loves money, and he loves the attention on his Dallas Cowboys. No coach will make Jerry Jones more money than Coach Prime. Deion Sanders will have the Dallas Cowboys high-stepping towards the Lombardi in no time. And come on guys. The game started off 27 to nothing. How, Mike McCarthy, can you not get your team ready to play against the team that fired you? How did you get fired twice because of the same team? There’s no way that this Dallas Cowboys roster as talented as it is, should have showed up like this. It’s time to get it right. And Coach Prime will lead you to the promised land. Peace,” RG3 said.

That’s truly an insane take that has to be for the purpose of just getting clicks and engagement. There’s no way that RG3 seriously thinks that they should replace McCarthy with a coach that took last place this year in the PAC 12 and has no NFL coaching experience.

Not only that, but he thinks they should draft Shedeur Sanders as the quarterback of the future. I know their offensive line was bad and a lot of scouts do think Shedeur is a potential first-round pick down the road, but I just don’t see it. He held the ball way too long at Colorado, is pretty small, and his arm is far from special. He’s definitely a pretty good college quarterback, but I can’t imagine building an NFL franchise around him.

Deion Sanders starred for the Cowboys from 1995-1999, winning a Super Bowl after the 1995 season as arguably the best cornerback in league history. But, even if the Cowboys move on from McCarthy, which they should, it should not be with Deion Sanders.

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