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Ravens WR Zay Flowers Cuts Himself On Bench After TERRIBLE Mistake In Baltimore Loss

Zay Flowers
Zay Flowers

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Zay Flowers is having a great day on the stat sheet. But, his costly fumble was followed by an embarrassing self-inflicted injury to put salt on the wound for the Baltimore Ravens, who lost toe the Kansas City Chiefs, 17-10, in the AFC Championship Game.

The Ravens offense had struggled all day and trailed 17-7 late in the third quarter, but finally put a good drive together after a long completion from Lamar Jackson to Flowers.

Flowers got a taunting penalty after the 54-yard reception, but that didn’t matter much, as they looked like they were going to score a few plays later when Jackson found Zay Flowers again, and it appeared as if he would score. But, he fumbled prior to the ball crossing the goal line, giving the Chiefs a touchback.

Obviously, a very costly play for the Ravens at the time. But, to make matters worse, Zay Flowers cut himself while striking the bench in anger after the fumble. Take a look.

C’mon, rookie. You can’t do that!

It’s a shame, too, because that’s how his game and season will be remembered for the first-year man out of Boston College. After 858 yards in the regular season, he finished strong in the playoffs.

After four catches for 41 yards against the Texans in the Divisional Round, Flowers had five catches for 115 yards and the Ravens’ only touchdown on Sunday. But, that’s going to be overshadowed by one of the most costly fumbles in team history.

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