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McLaren CEO Zak Brown Gets Epic Tattoo To Commemorate Lando Norris’s First F1 Win

McLaren Formula 1 CEO Zak Brown was back under the needle recently when he got an awesome new tattoo commemorating the first victory of driver Lando Norris.

Brown, 52, is known for his eccentric ways and creative bets with drivers in order to give them additional motivation.

In 2021, he promised then-McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo that if he could finish on the podium of a race, Brown would allow him to drive a 1984 Chevy Monte Carlo that Dale Earnhardt raced in 1984.

Ricciardo is a massive Earnhardt fan and Brown owned the car as part of his collection.

Well, not only did Ricciardo finish on the podium of a race. He went on to win the 2021 Italian Grand Prix at Monza. Norris finished second.

It was McLaren’s first victory in Formula 1 since 2012 and the first of the Zak Brown Era.

Zak Brown Adds Another Tattoo To His Collection After Lando Norris Win

Not only did Brown deliver on his bet to allow Ricciardo to drive the legendary Earnhardt car, but he also got the Monza circuit tattooed on his left arm with the date of the race.

Brown didn’t make the same bet with Norris. At least, not that anybody is aware of. But it’s clear that he felt the Briton’s maiden Formula 1 victory in Miami was a moment that he wanted to remember.

Much like after Ricciardo’s win, Brown decided to commemorate Norris’s in ink.

McLaren posted a video on social media of the American CEO getting both the Miami street circuit as well as the date of Norris’s win inked on his right arm.

Brown said he was actually more nervous this time around knowing how much it hurt.

Will he keep getting tattoos for every win? That could become a problem very quickly as McLaren experiences more and more success.

But sure he’s locked into getting one when young McLaren driver Oscar Piastri gets his first win, right?

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