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BTS Video Shows Angel Reese Step Up As Leader While Flau’jae Johnson’s Brother Left In Handcuffs

Angel Reese Flau'jae Johnson LSU Fight

Fla’jaue Johnson was the primary catalyst in Sunday’s brawl between LSU and South Carolina at the SEC Women’s Basketball Championship in Greensboro, North Carolina. She grabbed hold of MiLaysia Fulwiley’s jersey to try and prevent a fastbreak, which was whistled as a common foul.

That is where it all began.

Things quickly devolved into chaos as Gamecocks forward Ashlyn Watkins got in Johnson’s face. Benches cleared. Kamilla Cardoso was ultimately ejected for fighting after a laying a big hit on the Tigers guard.

Amidst all of the mayhem, Johnson’s brother literally ran down from the stands and jumped over the scorer’s table onto the court. He was immediately escorted out of the arena in handcuffs.

Meanwhile, as the officials took about 25 minutes to get things sorted out, Angel Reese pulled Johnson aside. A behind-the-scenes video from the aftermath shows the senior telling her sophomore teammate to keep the focus before closing the conversation with a hug.

This exchange was especially interesting after major drama between the two back in November. Johnson’s mom called out Angel Reese for carrying an embarrassing GPA amid her suspension. It appeared as though there was pretty significant beef between the two.

Sunday dispels that narrative. Reese was there for Johnson in the lowest moment of her career.

That is a testament to who she is as a leader. (Even though Reese also threw a nasty elbow and got away with a hair pull earlier in the game.)

As were her bold comments during postgame, and her message on social media.

As a person at my STATUS, sometimes you have to walk away from certain situations. Mind you the play before that I had rolled my ankle AGAIN and was already walking to the bench. I ALWAYS ride for mine. I’m super proud of this team & super excited for march. #geauxtigers

— @Reese10Angel on X

Johnson took Reese’s words to heart and showed her remorse after the game by apologizing to South Carolina coach Dawn Staley. The same cannot be said about Kim Mulkey, who threw fuel all over the fire with some very sharp and targeted words during her press conference.

Angel Reese deserves credit for speaking with Flau’jae Johnson on the side when her head coach did not!

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