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Jason Kelce Outlines His New Role On ESPN And How It’s Been A Lifelong Dream For Him And Travis

Jason Kelce discusses ESPN announcement
Jason Kelce discusses ESPN announcement

It became official on Tuesday that Robert Griffin III was out at ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown and he would be replaced by future NFL Hall of Famer Jason Kelce. Jason was already in NYC this week for the annual industry Upfronts representing ESPN.

That news had been rumored as far back as March.

But it was confirmed this week when Mike Florio of PFT reported ESPN’s decision to bring in the elder Kelce brother Jason to replace RG3. ESPN later announced it in a press release.

On Wednesday, in the latest episode of New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce (Presented by Wave Sports + Entertainment), the Kelce Bros discussed this career move for Jason and how much it means to them. Little brother Travis was overjoyed with Jason’s move to MONDAY NIGHT on ESPN. They talk about how instrumental ESPN was in fostering their love of sports, something that pretty much everyone under the age of 55 can similarly vouch for.

Jason Kelce Explains His New ‘Monday Night Countdown’ Role At ESPN

Jason tells his brother that “especially when we were growing up this was the night that everyone thought of with football.” Sunday Night Football has exploded over the years as the NFL is KING in the US but Sunday night historically was family night at home and kids went to bed on time to prepare for the week ahead.

Jason Kelce goes on to discuss how he’s excited to work with Scott Van Pelt, Marcus Spears, and Ryan Clark. Saying that “all of these guys offer not just great expertise but wonderful personalities” and Jason Kelce says he is really excited for this new ESPN opportunity.

Elsewhere in the episode, Jason brought up the backlash he’s received after speaking out on the enlarged hard of the ‘Immortal Secretariat,’ the horse that’s considered to be the greatest race horse in history. Kelce later apologized for his comments suggesting Secretariat was on Vitamin-S but he revisits that just before the 16-minute mark. They also discuss the Chiefs’ season opener against Baltimore:

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