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Shannon Sharpe Claims Katt Williams Interview Earned Him More Money Than Any NFL Season

Shannon Sharpe and Katt Williams
Shannon Sharpe and Katt Williams

Shannon Sharpe was able to drum up plenty of publicity for Club Shay Shay thanks to his interview with an incredibly candid Katt Williams earlier this year, and it sounds like he was also able to add a significant amount to his bank account as a result.

It’s safe to say Shannon Sharpe kicked off 2024 with a bang courtesy of the sitdown with Katt Williams that went viral after it hit YouTube at the start of January, as the comedian did not hold back over the course of a lengthy conversation where he got plenty of things off of his chest.

During the exchange, Williams went scorched earth on the likes of Steve Harvey and Cedric the Entertainer for stealing jokes, claimed he turned down the chance to join the Illuminati but was there when Ludacris agreed to take part in the initiation ritual, and asserted Diddy once offered him $50 million to engage in a lewd act before he turned the mogul down.

The interview took the internet by storm, and as of this writing, it’s racked up more than 60 million views on YouTube—a development that apparently made Sharpe an even wealthier man than he already was.

On the most recent episode of the Nightcap show, the former NFL tight end took a victory lap while chatting with Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson by revealing he’d recently received a check that reflected the value of the views his interview with Williams racked up, saying, “I made more money on Katt Williams alone than I made in any year I played in the NFL.”

Sharpe somewhat surprisingly “only” made $22 million during his time in the league, with the $2,375,000 he earned with the Broncos in 1999 representing his highest yearly salary.

He also didn’t waste any time putting his new windfall to good use, as he showed off the Rolex Daytona 116508 “John Mayer” (a man who recently expanded his horizons in the watch game) that probably set him back around $80,000 (if not more).

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