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Airline Pilot Describes Witnessing A UFO Turn ‘180 Degrees In Less Than A Second’

UFO spaceship extraterrestrial
UFO spaceship extraterrestrial

Audio of an American Airlines pilot reporting seeing a UFO turn “180 degrees in less than a second” then vanishing from the sky has gone viral on TikTok with over one million views while flying from Boston to Harrisburg.

“Well, you’re going to think I’m crazy, there something that just went from right to left to right in a blink and then flash his lights three four times,” the American Airlines pilot tells air traffic control.

“Okay, well, I had an airplane cross from right to left E175 and now there’s another one at triple 7 up there high off the right side that descended to 28,” the air traffic controller responded back. “That might be those two aircraft. I’m not sure.”

“Uh, this thing went 180 degrees in like a second,” the pilot responded.

“Oh goodness,” the air traffic controller said back. “Uh, all right, yeah, let me know if you see it again. We’ll make report.”

“Uh, well, the details, it literally went from one coast to the other in front of us and then it went up like 30 degrees, turned off its lights or whatever it had,” the pilot is then heard explaining. “It looked like it’s a bright orangey thing and then since we spoke to you last it flashed us like three four times and it’s still, we are still looking at it now.

“So where is it roughly if I was to give you a traffic call?” the air traffic controller then asked.

“I would say probably 80, 60 to 80 miles in front of us and it’s looks like it’s coming, I don’t know,” the pilot replied. “It’s flashing towards us, but it is definitely not an airplane. It doesn’t have strobe lights or anything on it. It’s just this bright orange going on and off. Yep this definitely wasn’t an airplane.”

The audio produced some wild comments on TikTok with some people claiming they also witnessed the UFO.

“My son was on the highway last night going to Boston and saw the same thing and two fighter jets going after it,” one person wrote.

“I’ve seen the same thing near West Dennis Beach on Cape Cod,” said another.

“OMG really, it’s so crazy,” the first commenter replied. “My son said that everyone on the highway stopped. It was that wild.”

“I seen it as well going home I was on the highway by Top Golf,” another person claimed.

“I saw THE SAME THING!” another person commented.

“A couple fighter jets chased it and it just disappeared. Was this similar to your case???” another TikToker asked.

“Yes exactly,” they replied back.

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