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Joe Milton Casually Walked-Off An 80-Yard BOMB At The NFL Draft Combine With So Much Swagger

Joe Milton

It is not a secret that Joe Milton has a cannon where his arm should be. Arm strength is not an issue for the former Michigan and Tennessee quarterback as he looks ahead to a career in the NFL!

However, just in case anybody forgot, Milton made sure to remind those in attendance at the NFL Draft Combine that he can really sling it.

His final throw of the afternoon was an absolute bomb that traveled 80 — yes, 80 (!!) — yards in the air. Lucas Oil Stadium held its collective breath after the ball left his hand and went absolutely bonkers when it fell right into the out-stretched arms of the receiver as he went streaking down the sideline.

Milton knew exactly how impressive it was as soon as he let go. The 23-year-old signal-caller walked off an impressive showing in style.

He turned around and fired a finger pistol a full second before the pass was caught. It was silly.

This is not the first time that Milton has left jaws on the ground with his deep ball. Nor will it be the last.

However, if he is going to carve out a path on the NFL level, his ability to make short and mid-range throws needs to improve. A rocket-launcher arm will only get Joe Milton so far.

But that is all stuff for him to worry about after the Combine, which is all about showing off.

Plus, as the fans, we don’t have to concern ourselves with Milton’s issues. We have the pleasure of sitting back and kicking our shoes off to watch the 6-foot-5, 236-pound quarterback dazzle us with an 80-yard laser— and boy did he!

Milton had the best throw of the year, if not the best throw of all-time at the Combine. Unfortunately, as cool as it looks, throwing against air doesn’t really indicate future success…

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